What is a Characterized Valve?

What is a Characterized Valve?

Have you ever wondered what a characterized valve is? This innovative valve is designed to provide precise control of fluid flow in HVAC systems. But what exactly makes it different from other valves?

A characterized valve from midwestsupplyus.com is a type of control valve that provides excellent precision in controlling fluid flow within HVAC systems. One of the key features that set it apart from other valves is its unique characteristic curve, which determines how the valve responds to changes in pressure and flow rate. Depending on the application, different types of characteristics can be chosen, including equal percentage or linear.

A ball valve is a common type of valve used for on/off control rather than precise regulation. In contrast, a globe valve is designed to provide better regulation capabilities but may not be suitable for high-pressure applications. 

The use of a characterized control valve can help achieve accurate and efficient flow control while reducing energy costs and ensuring system stability. This is achieved through the use of an extensive range of components and elements, fixed patterns, and models that convert costly surges into valuable savings, increasing profits for businesses. 

By comparing the flow characteristic of a characterized control valve to that of a globe or ball valve, we can see a significant difference in performance and accuracy. 

Ultimately, by investing in affordable yet highly effective solutions like characterized control valves, we can reduce operating costs, ensure consistent and reliable performance, and improve overall system efficiency.

How Does a Characterized Control Valve Benefit Facilities Management?

A characterized control valve is a specific type of control valve that offers many benefits to facilities management. Firstly, it provides precise control over the flow and pressure of fluids in an application. This level of control allows for increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption, which can save facilities money on their utility bills.

In addition, characterized control valves have the capability to change the flow characteristic of the fluid passing through them. This means that they can be used to convert costly drives into equivalent, less expensive ones. They also have the ability to operate in both high and low-pressure applications, making them a versatile choice for facilities managers with different needs.

Moreover, these valves come in various sizes and models to fit any standard or required application. They are designed to reduce pressure drop, which saves energy and reduces surges in the system. When paired with the right actuator, these valves can provide extensive operational range and completely open or close within seconds.

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