How to avoid workplace violence?

 How to avoid workplace violence?

Workplace violence is quite common around the world. And it is a fact that the complete elimination of such behavior is impossible but you can certainly take certain measures and precautions that can minimize occurrences of such incidences. If you have been the victim of verbal abuse, physical assault or threats, you must have a clear idea about the workers compensation benefits for workplace violence in Arizona. However, if you have an understanding of how to prevent workplace violence, you can create an atmosphere that is safe and secure for you to work.

Tips to avoid workplace violence:

  • Get to know about the past behavior of new employees: Whenever someone joins a particular company, you should conduct a thorough background check on him. This will help to know about his past behaviors and also if he is short-tempered or not.
  • Harassment prevention policy: Every company or organization should have certain preventive policies to safeguard its employees from violence and discrimination. Everyone working for the company such as the managers, the employees and other staff should be included in this policy.
  • Training and awareness: It should be mandatory to conduct regular awareness about violence and how to respond to such incidences. Training should also be provided to the employees so that they can take certain actions and prevent themselves from getting harmed. 
  • Take strict action: If you find anyone violating the policy of the company against violence, you must set an example by taking proper action against the accused. Such undesirable employees should be fired after a thorough investigation and the victim should be made to feel safe and secure.
  • Install surveillance systems: Every company or organization should have certain surveillance systems such as CCTV through which the incidences of violence can be monitored and used as evidence in future. Such surveillance systems can be installed in locations such as break rooms, parking lots, isolated areas, etc.
  • Install emergency buttons wherever possible: These panic buttons can be used in case of an emergency and they can be installed either on the walls or can be provided as a wearable device to the employees. Such emergency button can also be used for two-way communication so that in case of an upcoming threat, the situation can be analyzed.

Hence, in order to minimize workplace violence at your company, you should understand the various risk factors involved. Above mentioned tips will surely help to implement an effective protocol that will make the employees feel safe.

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