How To Rent An Office And Find Tenants For Your Business?

How To Rent An Office And Find Tenants For Your Business?

It’s a fact: many companies have workspaces that remain unoccupied for part of the year. To make them more profitable, why not rent your offices? More companies or entrepreneurs are using this service in a private office, hot desk office, meeting rooms, or coworking spaces. Discover all our tips for easily renting your offices and finding tenants quickly.

Renting An Office: Defining Your Rental Offer

First, it is necessary to define the type of office you want to rent. Many workspaces differ according to size, capacity, equipment, or location. For example, is the property for rent a private office? An individual workstation in a coworking space? Do you provide an entire floor of a building or a house?

This first step is crucial because it will allow you to characterize your offer. To then estimate the value of your rental, you can base yourself on the prices of the local real estate market. Finally, it is also necessary to define the type of lease you wish to offer. So many steps can be directly managed by a service dedicated to office rental.

Find Tenants: Write An Attractive Ad To Sublet Your Office Easily

To attract potential tenants, you have to write an ad that appeals. To do this, here are some tips that will allow you to rent your offices quickly:

Mention the type of property you are renting: is it a fixed position in a shared space, a private office, or a meeting room? This is essential data;

detail the characteristics of your space (surface, layout, number of places, etc.);

then fill in the equipment included, such as the Internet or Intranet network and the electrical outlets;

illustrate your ad with quality photos; this allows your future tenants to project themselves into their new office better;

detail the additional services, they often make the difference! Are your offices close to public transport? Is there bicycle parking, a shared kitchen, or even a terrace?

Find Co-Tenant Companies: Post Your Ad

Once your ad has been written, it is then a question of broadcasting it on the networks. The goal is to reach the right people. For this, there are dedicated platforms that allow you to distribute your office rental ad. Also, remember to share it within your professional network!

Sharing your workspace like in 620 N LaSalle Chicago for example with a company that works on complementary activities can open up new perspectives for collaboration! This is why it is important to choose your work roommates carefully. As in a classic roommate, if everyone gets along well, it can lead to great experiences.

Renting an office: covering yourself against unpaid bills

As with any property, it is important to check that your tenants are solvent. You can ask them for proof of resources or professional activities, an identity document, or proof of address proving that their previous rent has been paid.

Of course, your rental contract must be made in good and due form. This will protect you from the risk of unpaid rent. It is also possible to take out specific insurance or to request a deposit (single or joint) from your future tenants. Finally, you can check their solvency on certain sites or through equivalent platforms.

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