What to Consider Before Hiring a Call Center Company

What to Consider Before Hiring a Call Center Company

The customer service sector is a very important piece for any company. It is the closest point of contact between the brand and the consumer so it can create an emotional bond with the public. To optimize this relationship, many organizations choose to outsource the call center. The great advantage of an outsourced service is the impact on the reduction of expenses of a company with the payroll. However, there is no point in reducing costs if the result is a service with inferior quality.

The chosen call center company or Outbound Call Center must represent your brand well, taking your company’s branding to all points of contact with the customer. Therefore, you need to analyze the market carefully before defining which solution best suits your demands.

What To Know Before Hiring A Call Center Company?

Before choosing the company that will take care of your customer service sector, you need to consider some points to maintain excellence in your relationship with the customer. We list the main ones:

1 – Research The Company’s History

Even before hiring an outsourced call center service, you need to research the image of the company to be hired. Get to know the operating time and the degree of satisfaction of contracting customers, for example. In some cases, it’s even worth looking into the outsourced company’s owners to understand if they don’t have negative feedback that impacts the provision of services. This way, you have more guarantees that the contracted company has practical experience in the area and acts in a reputable manner in the market.

Important: Before hiring a call center, it is essential to know the satisfaction and turnover of the company’s employees. This is because employees are the ones who end up having direct contact with their customers, and they will certainly be motivated when work is on the rise, and the quality of their service will be in the same proportion.

2- Understand How The Hiring And Training Of Attendants Is Done

Remember that when hiring an outsourced call center, you are indirectly admitting new operators. So, it would help if you had a team of professionals aligned with your company’s expectations, who understand the best customer service practices, and who have the necessary skills to captivate each consumer in every contact. Therefore, understand how the recruitment and selection of call center attendants are carried out in the outsourced company and if the level of employee satisfaction is adequate. Happy agents build better relationships too.

4 – Research Cases

The case research will also help you evaluate the quality of service the outsourced company offers. Talk to other companies that are also served by the call center company you are evaluating and review the pros and cons listed by them.

5 – Understand If The Service Available Is 24 Hours A Day

If your company had to maintain its customer service operating 24 hours a day, it would be quite expensive, but by outsourcing the service, this possibility is much more affordable. Find out if the company to be hired has an adequate structure to guarantee the relationship with the consumer without interrupting services.

6 – Apply Mystery Shopper Techniques To Measure Quality

If possible, contact the customer service of a company managed by the outsourced company and evaluate the service provided. Make an opinion about the quality of the communication, the mediation of conflicts, the handling of the call, and the adequacy of the brand’s persona in question. These points can also help in your choice.

7 – Pay Attention To The SLA

The Service Level Agreement (SLA), or Service Level, is a very important point to be evaluated when choosing to outsource. Before closing a contract with any company, you must discuss the topic until you arrive at the best performance indicators and goals related to the call center service. A good SLA will guarantee productivity and quality in the established service.

8 – Understand If There Is The Possibility Of Customizing The Services

The call center company such as hitratesolutions.com for example needs to be able to understand your company’s needs to offer an adequate and tailored scope of services. In addition, flexibility in customization is needed, as your brand can grow or expand the business, requiring a greater demand from the outsourced company. So, look for a company with this scalability without compromising the quality of the activities provided.

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