The Different Box Formats For Shipping Your Products

The Different Box Formats For Shipping Your Products

You have a wide choice of formats for your shipments: rectangular, square, long, or very high, with easy opening or without. Here again, the choice depends on your needs: product shape, size, weight, and degree of fragility. To choose the right size or shape, you need to find the box that best matches the shape of your product. A package that is too big:

Poorly protects the product: it could suffer shocks and break if you do not take additional precautions to secure it properly.

Requires more wedges and protections: which increases your expenses.

Weighs more (increased cardboard weight, additional wedges, and protections): again, you increase your shipping costs.

Unnecessarily takes up space in transport vehicles: trucks transport fewer boxes at a time, which means additional trips. This may seem trivial, but it contributes to increasing the environmental impact of your expeditions (we call this phenomenon: “the weight of the void”).

Annoys recipients: for a package without a signature, for example, it will not fit in the letterbox, and you will have to travel to retrieve it in case of absence. An oversized box also leads to more wedges and protections, which the recipients must sort for recycling. Overall, overpackaging is increasingly frowned upon, so it is in your best interest to take care of your shipments using suitable packaging.

The Variable-Height Box

It has height-adjustable flaps. You can thus cut them out, then fold the cardboard thanks to its grooves so that it has the ideal size for your shipments. This technique is particularly interesting if you regularly send: you buy a batch and adapt the boxes to the size of each product to be sent.

The Different Shipping Boxes

Each object has its box! There are many ways to ship parcels, and here is all you need to know.

American Boxes

These boxes like Brandt Box for example, designed in brown kraft paper, are made of several layers of corrugated cardboard sheets, giving them great robustness. For example, they are very resistant to humidity and temperature variations. These boxes adapt to many needs but are mainly used to ship a single item or several in bulk with protection.

Postal Shipping Boxes

These boxes, packaging Mailers or pouches perfectly protect the product during transport. They have several internal flaps helping to keep them completely in place. They also have an adhesive strip closure, sealed instantly without additional adhesive tape. This type of packaging is preferred for rectangular shipments, such as books, Blu-rays, or folders. The recipients generally appreciate them because of their easy tear strip opening. Just pull a strip to open the package: there is no need for scissors or a cutter.

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