Understanding the Procedure of Customs Clearance of Imported Goods 

Understanding the Procedure of Customs Clearance of Imported Goods 

Customs clearance isn’t a cakewalk. The procedure includes several steps, and you may need a customs broker to take care of the process. 

Before we tell you more about the role of a customs broker, let’s take a quick look at the procedure. 

Unraveling The Customs Clearance Procedure

Let’s make it clear in just four steps: 

  • Customs officer examines the paperwork: 

You have to ensure the documents you submit are complete and accurate. Ideally, the commercial invoice and shipping label should be clear. The commercial invoice is a vital piece of paper because it has the contact information of the receiver, shipper, the airway bill number, and the export date. 

The role of a customs broker is to ensure that all the documentation is complete and follows the customs regulations and laws. 

  • Import taxes and duties are examined using the customs paperwork 

The import fees would vary depending on the goods, their value, and the import regulations in the country. Import duties are examined on goods that cross the minimum value. 

  • Customs asks for payment for duties and taxes (if required) 

In case the shipment crosses the tax threshold, the customs officer will double-check if the taxes and duties have been paid. 

There are some restricted goods too that may incur extra fees regardless of what their cost is. 

  • Your shipment will clear customs once the duties have been paid

Once the customs clearance is done, the courier service of your choice will transport the shipment to the end destination. 

The shipment would not get stuck if the documentation is complete and the fee has been paid. 

The only reason a shipment will get stuck is because of faulty paperwork. 

Clearances are NOW made easy 

If you have a customs broker by your side, it will be a cakewalk for you to get customs clearance. 

They will take care of all the import documentation. When you undertake the whole process yourself, there’s a chance that there will be incomplete or faulty paperwork. 

Customs brokers like Clearit USA have the experience and skills to take care of the whole process. 

ClearitUSA.com customs clearance is the best way to approach importing of goods. 

Check out the pricing details on the official website. When a shipment gets stuck or held back, it can be frustrating to track or trace. 

Customs brokers will help you with the entire process and will ensure that your shipment reaches the end destination. 

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