The Best Way to Buy Silver Bullion

 The Best Way to Buy Silver Bullion

Investing in precious metals is a good idea if you want to diversify your portfolio. There is a wide variety of silver investment products you can invest in. You have a choice between silver bars, coins, or rounds. When it comes to silver bullion coins there are a number of popular coins that are always in demand. These are the coins you should have your eyes on. However, a Brisbane bullion dealer may sell more than just coins buy silver bars as well. He is also not restricted to selling only collector’s coins or bullion products. Still, you will find some coin shops and dealers deciding to concentrate on one type over another. 

Coins vs. Rounds vs. Bars

Silver bullion coins are minted by a government mint. They may be used as legal tender. There are coins that are made to commemorate something or sold for their aesthetic value. These two types of coins are different and value is assigned differently. Popular bullion coins produced by government mints include The Canadian Silver Maple leaf. It has a face value of 5 Canadian Dollars, The Australian Kangaroo has a face value of 1 AUD, The Australian Silver Philharmonic has a face value of 15 Euros whilst’ America’s The Beautiful has a face value of 25c. Face values on any coins have nothing to do with the market price of silver. They are not an indication of what the real value of the coin is. You can buy silver bullion Brisbane minted by government mints as well as bullion dealers and coin shops.


Before a coin can be minted it is a blank round with no engraving or etching. Rounds can be made from 99.99% silver and they can come in different sizes. They are cheaper to buy than coins because they have low premiums. This is because the labour and machining costs that are needed to create the etchings aren’t needed for rounds. There is nothing remarkably eye-catching about rounds except that they are perfectly round, shiny objects

Bullion Bars 

Bullion bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also cheaper than bullion coins because they have low premiums. The most expensive silver bars have to be the one-gram novelty bars. These bars are coated in plastic and cost twice what the bullion content used to make the cost. The cheapest silver bars are “Good Delivery” bars that are often traded by professional bullion dealers. These are also the most valuable. 

Which one is better?

Silver coins aren’t made the same way. Most coins are made in limited numbers, the smaller the mintage amount the higher the premiums (because they are regarded as scarce). Silver coins cost more to make and are therefore more expensive than silver rounds and silver bars. When it comes down to price, rounds are cheaper and they are compact and easy to sell because they are small and can be slipped into your wallet. It’s better to have one hundred 100. oz silver coins than to have a 100-oz bar. You can sell a certain amount of coins at once and not have to sell an entire 100.oz bar. 

Where to purchase Silver Bullion

You can buy silver bullion Brisbane by going to coin dealers, bullion dealers, and auction sites. Choose a reputable dealer who can give you sound advice and fair prices for your bullion. If you are new to investing in silver and you aren’t sure of how the prices are set, find quotations from at least three dealers and choose the best price. 

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