Elijah Norton On The Importance Of Innovation In Business

Elijah Norton On The Importance Of Innovation In Business

Veritas Global Protection has been growing steadily over the last decade due to the sound leadership of Elijah Norton and the team. Elijah Norton, the company’s president and executive chairman, attributes the success of Veritas Global Protection to innovation and the company’s ability to offer exceptional customer service. 

Innovation by Veritas Global Protection

Exotic Vehicle Protection Plan

One of the company’s innovations is the exotic vehicle protection plan. This is a particular type of vehicle service contract that provides coverage for high-end vehicles manufactured overseas. 

Popular exotic car brands include; Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Ferrari, Bentley, and Lamborghini, among others. If you own one of these high-end vehicles, getting access to spares can be a considerable challenge. 

Most local mechanics are also not competent enough or certified to handle these vehicles. This means that the cost of repairs and maintenance can be incredibly high. By purchasing a vehicle protection plan from Veritas Global Protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that the company will bear any repair, maintenance, or replacement costs. 

Electric Vehicle Protection Plan

The number of people buying electric vehicles in North America and Europe is increasing. Since these vehicles need regular maintenance and can develop faults, they need a vehicle protection plan. 

Unfortunately, most firms that offer vehicle protection plans do not have plans to suit the needs of electric car owners. These firms offer electric plans with insufficient coverage. 

Veritas Global Protection has plans for vehicles that are fully electric as well as hybrid vehicles. These plans offer extensive coverage, so electric vehicle owners can have peace of mind when driving their electric cars. 

Reasons Why People are Switching to Electric Cars

A picture of an electric car charging at an electric vehicle charging station.

Consumers have different reasons for switching to electric vehicles. Below is a list of some of the most common reasons:

To Save the Planet

Many environmentally-conscious consumers have switched to electric cars to save the planet. Rechargeable batteries power them, so these vehicles produce no carbon emissions. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet, buy an electric vehicle and a protection plan. 

To Save Money

Electric vehicles run on electricity. They only require charging to run efficiently. Most parking lots have electric vehicle charging stations, but consumers can install charging stations in their homes. 

Since no fuel is required, you can save a lot of money on fuel expenses by purchasing an electric vehicle. Charging these vehicles does not cost much money, so the savings you’ll make are considerable. 

In addition to saving on fuel costs, you’ll also save on maintenance and repair costs. This is because electric vehicles do not have internal combustion engines, which usually develop all issues. 

For Convenience

The beauty of electric vehicles is that they can drive in the carpool lane even if they’re alone in their electric vehicle. The carpool lane is reserved for vehicles with multiple occupants. If you want to beat rush hour traffic, consider buying an electric vehicle. 

To Get Tax Benefits

The government is offering tax incentives to promote the uptake of electric vehicles in the country. Any taxpayer who buys an electric vehicle can get between $2,500 and $7,000 in federal tax credits. 

Many household utility companies and local governments also have tax incentives for households with electric vehicles. These tax incentives can significantly reduce your tax liability, so you can recoup most of the money you spend buying an electric car. 

To Enjoy a Superior Driving Experience

Electric vehicles have superior performance compared to regular cars. They also have higher acceleration than regular cars. They are also great to handle because the battery pack is positioned in the back center to lower the center of gravity. Most people who switch to electric cars report superior performance and more significant acceleration. 

Buying an Electric Vehicle Protection Plan

Whatever the reason for buying an electric vehicle, it is recommended you also buy an electric vehicle protection plan to protect the vehicle. Elijah Norton and the team at Veritas Global Protection have developed plans to suit the needs of different types of clients. 

Whether you’re concerned about the battery pack, charging system, motor, axles, suspension, or steering system, Veritas has you covered. 

Bonus Services

Every vehicle protection plan from Veritas Global Protection comes with bonus roadside assistance and a free car hire service. When your electric vehicle develops an issue, you are only required to call Veritas Global Protection and report the issue. 

The company will dispatch a team to your location to solve the problem. If the repair job takes a long time, the company will provide you with an alternative means of transportation. Since you prefer electric cars, they will pay for an electric rental car for you to use until your vehicle is fixed.   

Veritas Global Protection’s growth is driven by innovation. Elijah Norton is looking for better ways to serve customers. The company is responsive so that a response will follow any questions. Veritas will customize your electric vehicle protection plan if you have unique coverage needs.

Through innovation, Elijah Norton has helped take Veritas Global Protection to the next level. Finding ways to improve your business and innovate like Elijah Norton can help you find great success. 

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