Darren And Mike Share Tips On The Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast

Darren And Mike Share Tips On The Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast

The Canadian duo, Darren and Mike, are highly recognized names in the online marketing space. The two started working together more than ten years ago. 

With extensive experience and background in corporate sales marketing, coaching, and online marketing, they are helping entrepreneurs level up their businesses. Their Multi-Level Marketing business continues to attract many online businesses worldwide.

Through their Darren and Mike digital business, the duo has mentored multiple people who have witnessed much growth.

In every mentorship session, they find it easy to impact actionable knowledge because they have skills and experience and know the right approach businesses need in these competitive times. Their confidence and passion for what they do best are also recommendable.

Tips from Darren and Mike Digital Business That Will Help Create a Profitable Online Business

In a podcast titled “Attitude is altitude, how to grow the business of your dreams,” the two give free tips and tricks that have grown their business. As a business, you can embrace the tricks in your direct sales and scale your venture.

While every business has its ups and downs, you need to put in time on what matters most, learn things that result in business transformation, and know how to handle challenges to grow. 

Here are the main tips and tricks that the two mentors reveal in the podcast.

Focus on Your Strengths

According to this duo, you need to capitalize on the strengths that each member of the business has to have a solid foundation and thrive. Various people are talented differently, and you need to be open to each other and take a role that you’ll deliver your best. 

A detailed and specialized focus also allows you to achieve much in a business within a specific time because you need to replicate roles. 

There are times that people fail to perform because of many excuses. Many will claim that they are waiting for directions or suggestions from leaders. While that helps, you need to focus more on what you can do based on your capabilities, especially when starting. 

In addition, the Darren and Mike digital business reveal that sharing what you have about the business with your business partner makes it easy to grow exponentially.

Build a Strong Community

There are different social media communities, and the Facebook community is among the best because of easy targeting. Darren and Mike MLM have built a Facebook community of over 140,000 people. 

Their community is a safe space for everyone worldwide. With lots of active members, there’s a high conversion rate.  

The Darren and Mike digital business advise businesses trying out Facebook to prepare before getting into the actual community building. When setting up the group, ensure you ask the right questions for those who want to join and give relevant content to keep the members engaged. 

More so, have moderators to keep the community active and for prompt management.

Since many like-minded people will join and, after some time, start showing results, let your audience know that they shouldn’t be quick to compare themselves to others. 

Everybody starts somewhere and grows with time. Simply put, everyone has their growth curve and should not panic. This also applies to your business — do not compare it with others at the initial stages.

Besides building a community, numbers also matter a lot. It’s from numbers that you know the business analytics and charts the way forward to improve your services. Darren and Mike have over 45,000 people on the lead, and they manage them efficiently, thanks to their custom software that keep advancing with demands. 

Embrace Systems

Building an online business requires systems that simplify and fast-track daily operations. Darren and Mike digital business have efficient systems to ensure inside and outside company communications are flawless. 

Managing a team and hosting different webinars and zoom meetings in different countries that have diverse languages and time zone in one place can be challenging, but it’s doable with technology. Systems also help with advertisements and training. 

Manage and Lead Your Team the Right Way

You and your business should coexist. In this Direct Selling Accelerator podcast, Darren and Mike’s MLM approach starts with having the right attitude in everything you do. But again, only expect to do some things; you will need to work closely with your team to ensure you achieve desired results.

With a preparatory chart, the team knows what to do at the right time. Where Darren and Mike are required to keep every member posted on the occurrences, they embrace technology to accommodate many people at a go. A good example is the use of video calls for meetings. 

Also, when there is so much on the table, a business can let different team leaders create a separate team and facilitate the new clients from scratch before onboarding them to the next levels. 

Businesses should learn from this to show up for their clients, share knowledge, and respond to queries whenever they arise. Even when it’s not one on one basis, a well-trained team should come in handy.

Show the Right Attributes

You need to show up for your clients. It would be best to learn to be yourself and coexist with people. People love it when you are authentic in your expressions and actions. 

Another important thing is being an expert and consistent in what you do. People will have no reason to avoid your services. 

Darren and Mike have always been consistent in their services, which is vital to their success and staying at the top of their niche. One more thing: Remember to celebrate the small wins. If you can achieve your target and own it, always appreciate your small effort; you will find it easy to double your income as you scale your business further.

Grow Your Business With Darren and Mike Digital Business 

You can tell from the expert insights above that Mike and Darren have worked smartly towards the success of their business and that of their clients. Don’t hesitate to connect with them via Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for great content.

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