All About Coated Fabric: What Is Coated Fabric?

All About Coated Fabric: What Is Coated Fabric?

It is a fabric that is covered with a smooth layer to make it waterproof and resistant. Our coater compares the process to the butter spread in the morning; coating fabric is like spreading it with a layer of protection!

 How To Make Coated Cotton?

The coating technique or alternative to PVC coated fabrics for example requires technical expertise. You must know how to “make your butter” first, the right mixture, and without lumps (the mixture even passes through a very fine strainer). Depending on the use of the desired fabric, it must become more or less waterproof and more or less resistant: the fabric is covered according to one or more layers. You can obtain different aspects: matte, shiny, or even apply for relief on the applied layer.

For our coated fabric at PPMC, we use a cotton fabric base, and the coating is made with phthalate-free PVC for everyone’s health, especially children.

What Is The Difference Between Coated Fabric On The Outside Or The Inside?

Coated Fabric

there are different proposals for coated cotton. Indeed, some fabrics are coated on the outside, giving them this smooth and waterproof side outside, which is very practical for bags, tablecloths, and changing mats.

For other fabrics, we choose to coat them inside. They are thus also solidified and stiffened, but this makes it possible to keep the appearance of the fabric on the outside by preserving its weft or spangled appearance, for example.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

This fabric which is Fully Recyclable is very well known in so-called “upholstery” fabrics, particularly tablecloths, because it is a fabric that is very easy to maintain and waterproof. Its other advantage is a flexible and manageable fabric to sew to make bags, for example.

It also has a very long wear life because it is a fabric that does not wrinkle and is thick (it all depends on the base thickness of the fabric that has been coated.)

This fabric is more sensitive to large heat, and little has a too rigid side; this is why it is widely used in the manufacture of bags, tablecloths, or for the realization of furnishing accessories.

How To Sew Your Coated Fabric?

The coated fabric is a fabric that is very easy to handle because it does not fray, which facilitates the cutting of this fabric. To make a tablecloth, you don’t need a sewing machine; you can cut your coated fabric to the dimensions of your table.

For sewing, we advise you to trace your pattern using a washable marker on the back of the fabric (the cotton side and not coated).

For Sewing, The Coating Tends To Stick: What To Do?

To prevent the coating from sticking to your presser foot, it is recommended to use a Teflon presser foot, otherwise, stick masking tape under the presser foot, or use a sheet of tissue paper between the fabric and the presser foot.

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