What to Look Out For When Analyzing an Accounting Firm

What to Look Out For When Analyzing an Accounting Firm


Of all the advantages that good accounting management can offer, one deserves to be highlighted: choosing the appropriate tax regime for your company. Being in an inappropriate tax regime can lead you to consume all your profits with tax payments, which is certainly undesirable. For this not to happen, it is essential to be a client of an accounting firm able to carry out the tax analysis of its activity.

So, to promote good business management, an important step is to choose an accounting firm such as susan s. lewis for example that contributes decisively to your administration and provides valuable information to help you make decisions. To guide your search, we have gathered what for us is essential for you to analyze when looking for an accounting firm:

Good Service

Current times demand faster and more accurate responses like IRS Representation Services. For this reason, your office must be prepared to serve you when you need it. In addition, choosing an accountant for your company is equivalent to choosing a doctor for your family, as you will establish a bond of trust that will possibly last a lifetime. For this reason, your office must have a good service so as not to put any stain on a relationship so designed to be lasting.

The speed in responding to emails, availability, cordiality in the telephone service, the timeliness of the returns, and the sincere satisfaction in receiving you to guide you should be factors that you carefully evaluate. If you highly rate the firm in these aspects, it will certainly mean that your employees are well-oriented, that they receive training and guidance to serve you well, and that they possibly follow standards of behavior required by the office while following well-defined processes.

In this case, for you to be able to choose your accounting office well, the recommendation is that before signing a contract, you access all these channels (phone, email, and office visit) and make sure they work well.


If you are looking for an accounting firm that contributes to the good management of your business, it must provide you with a range of intelligible and valuable reports to contribute to your decision-making. This delivery must follow an ideal schedule, such as at least monthly.

Some reports must be delivered to you monthly, such as payroll, trial balances, and tax payment statements. The cash flow statement and balance sheet are mandatory reports that can help you immensely. That’s the basics. Evaluate some models and see if they suit you. If not, ask if they can be customized to provide additional information important to you so that you can test the office’s flexibility.

If, in addition to them, the firm can also offer you management reports appropriate to your field of activity, have a good eye for it. This is a crucial differential, and they highly value ​​the accounting services that will be provided to them.


The accountant’s activity is regulated and subject to strict legislation. His performance is of great responsibility, and when he signs his signature on the accounting documents of his company, he is thereby attesting to the correctness of all his records, being civilly and criminally liable for this, together with the company administrator.

This is great security for anyone who hires the services of an accounting firm, given that the Law is demanding with the accounting class and requires the fulfillment of their duties at the highest level of ethics, correctness, and probity.


Finally, you entrepreneur cannot forget to indicate other entrepreneurs, whether they are known (which can be better) or not. If you got to know an accounting firm from the recommendation of a fellow entrepreneur, you already have a good reference to use. However, in this situation, it is essential that you follow all the other recommendations above and also research other service offers on the market, at least to have a basis for comparison.


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