What Needs To Be Considered When Choosing A Tent?

What Needs To Be Considered When Choosing A Tent?

The tent is the essential element of camping. Anyone who likes this type of adventure and is tired of borrowing or renting tents and wants to buy one of their own should consider some essential factors to make a correct choice. It all depends on the type of camping, hiking, or climbing you want to do. Here’s what you need to consider when buying your tent and tent size calculator:


Although essential, comfort, space, and material should be chosen and evaluated after knowing the tent’s weight. This factor is significant. If your trails are long, a heavy tent will be a problem. Choose your tents with a weight suitable for your type of adventure. It all depends on your physical ability, but tents over 3 kg start to bother you on longer trails.


The most common recommendation is to invest in tents such as American tent with a capacity for one person more than you intend to hold – if two people use it, for example, buying a tent that holds three is recommended to have more space and comfort. If you need or want to take a lot of camping, it’s good to consider a tent with a capacity for one more person.


Tents must protect their users. A good tent is waterproof, has sealed seams, and has a firm, full-length roof that protects from rain and other elements of nature. Without these characteristics, a tent becomes very vulnerable and very unreliable.

In addition to these elements, it is essential to always pay attention to the climate, terrain, and the time you will spend camping to make your decision. For example, longer campsites made during rainy days may require more robust tents with spacious pitches and common areas.

What Other Tips Are Important When Setting Up A Tent?

Avoid cooking inside the tent — even if the tent material is sturdy. Also, once assembled, close it up and don’t eat inside the room, so you don’t have the annoying visit of ants. Do not camp in open and open areas on days of heavy rain due to lightning. If you have other people in the same camp, set up your gear at a consistent distance and be nice to your neighbors as you might need it. To finish this mini-guide on how to set up a camping tent, remember to choose the equipment you will buy, preferably something that is by the type of terrain and facilitates your peace in the open air.


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