International Drivers’ License and Its Advantages and Documents Needed

International Drivers’ License and Its Advantages and Documents Needed

Some people travel to a foreign land; others explore the foreign land; and still others visit a foreign land for work purposes. So, whatever the case may be, you may need to get on the road for work, travel, exploration, or other reasons. In addition, for that, you would require an international driver’s license, which is the translation of your driver’s licence that is mostly issued from the home country or back home country. The international driver license allows you to drive on any foreign land legally.

What Exactly Is an IDL, or International Driving License?

One of the things that you should know is that the international driving license is officially known as the International Driving Permit. This document is mainly authorised by the United Nations and it is issued to people who are travelling overseas. The international driving licence will certify that the person holding it legally possesses a valid driving licence in their home country. The international driving licence is a document that can be translated into different foreign languages. Therefore, it becomes easy for a foreign traffic police officer to verify and know the credentials. You can legally drive all types of vehicles on foreign land that are listed in your IDP, or international driving permit. An international drivers’ licence will contain your name, driver information, and photo and is valid for identification in more than 150 countries, along with your country’s original valid drivers’ licence and valid passport.

Application for IDP in India-

You can easily and conveniently get an international driving permit and the steps involved in the process are as follows: People should check their countries or state’s RTO with relevant documents and the application fee. You can fill in the IDP application form in-person at the RTO or do it online at the portal of road transport and highways. You can have the acknowledgement with you along with other important documents for the RTO. Submit the document online or offline and pay the required fees. The application form and the necessary documents should be submitted in person to the concerned RTO by the applicant in both cases. Within 3 to 4 business days after submitting the documents, you can now get your international driving licence. Also, you can check online for the 3 important forms that you should be submitting for the application of IDL. Out of which one is your medical form that needs to be filled by your doctor. Follow these guidelines and then submit the form of IDL in your country.

Relevant Documents Needed for IDP Are:

Then, four copies of your most recent passport-size photos, the prescribed fee, and user fees are required. All these documents should be valid.

The Benefits of IDP-

  • You can legally drive a motor vehicle on international roads.
  • It states that you have a valid driving licence in your country.
  • It is a type of identity proof.
  • To get this document, you don’t need an ID.
  • This IDP is accepted in 150 countries.
  • You can rent a car easily with a valid IDL or IDP.
  • Insurance companies need IDP to provide you with coverage if you drive overseas.

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