Home Security: Security In Three Questions

Home Security: Security In Three Questions

The construction of the house is the perfect time to think about security as a whole. Two complementary approaches coexist. One is said to be passive, while the other is active. They are inseparable.

The so-called passive protection includes all the physical protection systems that will have to withstand the repeated assaults of burglars. Active security with Avigilon Installer for example will have to react in the event of an intrusion. Generally, a burglar does not persist on a door for more than three minutes. Therefore, the goal is to delay it as much as possible and make it flee quickly in the event of an intrusion.

1 – Where To Start?

The first protection to achieve: is the fence. Like fortified castles, it is the first rampart that will delay intrusion on your property. On the entire perimeter of your land, place a welded mesh fence with a minimum height of 2 meters.

It will then be doubled by a defensive vegetable hedge which will not only be decorative, will shelter you from prying eyes but will also effectively reinforce security. Think of Sleeping Beauty’s castle with its impenetrable brambles. Plant barberry, Japanese quince, rosebushes, pyracanthas, etc. Any variety with thorns will be welcome. Their growth should be rapid, and their thorns will protect your home from intruders.

2 – How To Secure Small Secondary Openings?

The main risk is that the burglar may push a child through these openings, however small. Once inside the house, he will only have to let the adults enter. Grilles and bars will deter most burglars, provided they respect a few essential technical points. The maximum spacing of the bars must be 12 cm; they must be as rigid as possible (no hollow tubes). Do not hesitate to add horizontal crosspieces taking up all the vertical bars.

 3 – Should The Garage Door Be Protected?

Nearly 12% of burglars go through the garage door because it is often fragile and easy to open. This is the most sensitive crossing point. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a burglar-resistant door model or to install protective locks. Whether swinging, sectional or roll-up, it is possible to reinforce it by installing a garage door security bar. This bar provides great burglary resistance thanks to its four anchor points: two on the garage door and two in the masonry.

Another solution: install a specific burglar-proof lock from forbel security systems for example. It comprises two parts; a locking plate fixed to the ground by powerful security screws and the lock assembly, which will put pressure on the door in the opposite direction to that of the opening, making it totally impossible to break open the door. The garage door is often forgotten in the home security plan. On the contrary, it must be the object of all attention. 

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