All You Need to Know About Starting a Building Cleaning Company in Dubai

All You Need to Know About Starting a Building Cleaning Company in Dubai

Dubai, which is famed for its skyscrapers and high-rise towers, features a blend of residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. The city’s skyline is continually changing with new structures as it evolves and aspires to be a centre for global commerce. Keeping up the high standards is probably one of the many reasons that attracts investors and companies to set up offices in Dubai. Cleaning services play a crucial role in maintaining the grandeur of Dubai’s landmarks as well as its offices buildings, stadiums, parking lots, residential apartments, warehouses, along with many other structures and places of interest.

In Dubai, cleaning services can be considered as one of the most important functional support services. Professionals who spend most of their time away from home and lead busy lives benefit most from these services. As busy individuals, they have little time to spare for cleaning their households and  would eagerly agree to a cleaning service to carry out the job instead.

Scope of the Building Cleaning Service Business

In recent years, cleaning services have gained immense popularity with the increase of ongoing construction as well as investments. As a result of growing business ventures, people have gained a significant rise in their disposable income. Acquiring a Building cleaning license in Dubai depends on the type of cleaning services you offer. The services typically include the following:

  1. Industrial cleaning – The purpose of industrial cleaning is primarily to clean large office blocks and other corporate buildings. From sanitization and maintenance of industrial buildings, factories, and warehouses- these places may have very specific requirements such as commercial or even hazardous waste cleanup. Additionally, they may require special cleaning machines, chemicals, cleaning supplies, and other industrial solvents that only cleaning services can provide.
  2. Commercial cleaning – A commercial cleaning service usually involves janitorial work for factories, retails, warehouses, and other similar establishments. Commercial cleaning is also carried out in office spaces, hospitals, and retail stores. These spaces require heavy-duty equipment along with special cleaning supplies because of their larger surface areas.
  3. Residential cleaning – There is a high demand for residential cleaning services in Dubai due to the focus on households. From houses and residential places like bungalows, apartments, and villas, this special cleaning includes kitchens, storerooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other house spaces. It is best suited for SMBs and startups since residential cleaning services require basic cleaning supplies and equipment as opposed to industrial cleaning. A variety of methods, equipment, and chemicals are used for the cleaning process of buildings, including the interior, exterior, and outer areas.

Is It Worth Starting a Building Cleaning Business in Dubai?

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for cleaning services has never been greater. The requirement for cleaning services in Dubai has seen a surge and today is a lucrative business venture, with their ROIs getting better than ever.

Low start-up costs – As with any business,  the costs involved during the early stages of starting a cleaning business might be considered rather minimal. Initially you may require only a few basic cleaning products, however as the business grows, you will be looking to upgrade the business, which means more cleaning products and equipment as needed.

Working with convenience – You can run your cleaning business with a minimal  space requirement or office space. Since employees will be functioning at designated locations, cleaning material will be made available at the work venue. 

No qualifications required – In order to run a successful cleaning business, skills in resource management is an essential component in addition to a working  knowledge of cleaning operations. Formal education prerequisites are nonspecific and may not require qualifications or certificates.

Specialty services – Offering specialty and on demand cleaning services to customers  greatly increases the chances and business opportunities presented to compete with existing competition. 

Registering Your Cleaning Company with the Dubai Municipality

Registering a cleaning company with the Dubai municipality is essential, and is an easy straightforward process. Visit the Dubai Municipality’s official website and click on the ‘Company Registration’ tab. The Dubai municipality will then send you an email confirmation once your registration has been processed successfully. To complete your registration, you will need to upload your company’s logo files, trading license, etc.

Dubai is a great place to start a cleaning company simply because it is a highly profitable venture. Business registration and setup are the only real challenges, to which Meydan Free Zone will help you with every step of the way.


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