A Scaffolding Disaster in New York City Has Left One Person Dead and Three More Wounded

A Scaffolding Disaster in New York City Has Left One Person Dead and Three More Wounded

On June 16, at around 4:30 o’clock in the afternoon, a tragic tragedy occurred in Midtown when a scaffolding structure fell, resulting in the death of one individual and the injury of three others. Just a few blocks away from the Murray Hill incident was a separate construction disaster that occurred earlier in the day after a building fell. The mishap occurred in the vicinity of Lexington Avenue. Consider discussing your situation with the best lawyer for roundup lawsuit. 

The scaffolding ‘Gives Way’ falls to the ground.

Two of the three people who were able to survive the Murray Hill accident sustained injuries that were considered to be life-threatening, while the third person’s injuries were not considered to be. According to the authorities, the construction workers were restoring the building’s facade on the 12-story skyscraper around the 11th floor.

It is not immediately clear what caused this terrible disaster to take place; however, according to sources in the media, a rigging platform “went way” and precipitated the fall of a “mass of sharp metal and shattered rock” onto the sidewalk below. The sunken sidewalk was a direct result of the weight of the debris. The contractor, Edras Group Company, which is based in Belleville, New Jersey, does not have any active violations; nevertheless, according to media sources, the company has been cited 43 times for safety violations over the course of the previous ten years.

As of Thursday evening, an investigation into the accident has been opened by the city’s Department of Buildings. At the same time, inspectors are examining both this building site and another project that is going place in the neighboring lot.

Accidents Occurring on Building Sites Are Frequent in New York City

Accidents involving construction and scaffolding are, lamentably, all too common in the city of New York. If owners and contractors take the necessary precautions to protect their workers and anybody else who might be nearby, it is possible to avoid a significant number of accidents. Yet, there are hundreds of building accidents that take place each year across all five boroughs. The law firm of Raphaelson & Levine extends its condolences to all victims of construction accidents and their families, and the firm is working diligently to ensure that owners and contractors are held responsible for any irresponsible actions or behaviors they may have committed.

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